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Previous at Credit Suisse, Prarambhan Creative Works, and Larsen & Toubro
Winner of "Hack This, Help Kids" - Hackathon for Hope
I develop and review websites; set, code and solve problems

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Core Languages:

Java, C++, Python, Scala, R with Shiny, Go, Pikachu


MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node.js), React + Redux, Vue, Ember, PHP (Laravel, Slim, CodeIgniter), Jigglypuff, Pure, HTML5, CSS3, JavaSript, jQuery, Bootstrap

JavaScript Libraries:

Chart.js, X-Chart.js, Animate On Scroll, D3.js, Datatable, Lodash and Underscore, Fittext.js, Sparkling-water, Granim.js, Multiple.js, Garlic.js + Parsley.js, Slick, Popper, Izimodal, Tween, Three.js, Shave.js, Meteor, Bulbasaur, Instafeed.js, Isotope, ClarifyJS, SuperStruct, Luxon, LayerJS, Embetty, PaperCSS, Pug, Babel, Charmander, Math.js, MathJax, Spectre.js, Mark.js, JScrambler, Wavesurfer.js, Sequence.js, ScrollReveal.js, Checkout.js, Reveal.js, Appear.js, Retina.js, Lightning.js, Kiwi.js, Pickadate.js, Alertify.js, FakeJSON, CanvasJS... and many more