Cloud-based Secure Smartcard Healthcare

What: Wrote APIs & Web Development
With: - Ria Maheshwari - Grishma Alshi
- Kartik Moudgil
Where: Jugaadathon - Global Healthcare Hackathon

The healthcare providers are now realizing the importance of their data as a way to keep up with these drastic changes. For example, hospitals are looking for insight into patients, care teams, and services to discover opportunities to improve healthcare quality and ensure that the highest level of practices are maintained.

Trying to make smart and informed decisions on physicians, as well as other healthcare providers using crowd-sourced information is being utilized on a realtime basis for these kinds of decisions already. Naturally, the availability of their own medical records, stored in a secure location, backed by secure methods to track and access the same.

Time Frame: March 11 - 12, 2017 and during the mini projects following semester
Associated Acheivements: IEEE indexed Technical paper
Tools & Technologies: Front-end, PHP, Ajax, Cassandra, Android


About the Project:

1. Prescriptions
The proposed model serves the feature of writing a prescription which is nonvolatile i.e. replacing the traditional paperwork and digitalizing the prescriptions. The doctor can write the prescription using the application on his mobile device or through the web services of the system.

2. Reports:
The diagnostic firms add the reports to the centralized database for each patient. The reports added by the diagnostic center cannot be deleted or modified.

3. Personalized Programs:
The doctor can set the tenure of the program and add prescriptions to that program itself. The program allows to order the medication altogether and book the appointments for the tenure.

4. Payments:
NFC-based e-wallets are being adopted by the masses, along with merchants and vendors for the purpose of quick, cashless transactions.

5. Live Patient Monitoring:
The records for the patients admitted into the hospital are critical and has to be kept secured and sturdy. Rewritable NFC tag cards can be used in these cases where a card can be used for a patient to store all the data in the database and after the discharge, the ID in the card can be re-written to provide it to another patient thus reusing the resources.

6. Patient Health Tracking:
The hybrid cloud system provides us with an interesting set of opportunities regarding data analysis. As we can get the data in an aggregated format easily, it is easy to run statistical models on these datasets.