Stock Market Visualization

What: Android Application under 48 hours
With: Mansi Dandiwala
Where: CodeIT Suisse 2017

CodeIT Suisse is a hackathon organised by Credit Suisse and the project is built on the guidelines stated in the problem statement. I do not have a lot of experience with Android development but undertook the challenge along with a friend to learn Android and solve the challenge within the time frame. The main challenge was find a reliable API and use it appropriately. With the entire flow chart ready after 6 hours of brainstorming, the only tasks left were writing the code and designing the system. Without caffeine, we wouldn't have made it to the semi-finals.

Time Frame: January 2017 (48 hours)
Associated Acheivements: Semi-finalist. Summer internship at Credit Suisse.
Tools & Technologies: Android, Yahoo! Finance API, MPAndroidChart

Phone Preview Investomaster

Features of the project:

- Numerically represent previous and current stock prices and should account for any slightest stock movement.
- Graphical representation starting from any previous customizable date to current date.
- Categorize any stocks of their choice as ‘Favourites’.
- Set an upper and lower ‘watch-point’ on the stocks and notified if the stock crosses the watch-point.
- Customizable setting of automatic data refresh time period.
- Access to monitor other financial instruments like Futures, options, FOREX, commodities, etc.
- Any news which might impact the stock market should be notified to the users. (RSS)
- Ticker scroll at the bottom of each page to depict upward or downward movement of stocks.
- Compare stocks.