Smart Neonatal Breast Milk Supply System

What: Conceptualization, Product Design, Web Design
With: Ria Maheshwari, Aparna Jaggi
Kartik Moudgil, Shivang Gupta, Rishi Pisipati
Where: Hack This. Help Kids. - Hackathon for Hope

A smart tracking and monitoring system for end-to-end management of breast-milk.
Safety: Automated checks by NFC to eliminate human error arising from mislabeling.

Clarity: a simplified dashboard incorporating schedules and real-time analytics.
Efficiency: continuous temperature monitoring.

Current Process:

Current Process

The Device:


Holistic Overview

Get a clear snapshot of the current status for all infants including expiry dates, available supply, next feeding time and analytics.

Individual Metrics

Detailed insights for every infant in NICU including proactive monitoring.

Result: First Prize