Online Tutoring Solution

What: Web Development, Prototyping and Architecture
With: Kartik Moudgil
Where: Remote

CogniBuddy is a Learning Management System trying to make online courses smooth and conveninent. Developed with the goal to teach more learners in a few months than the instructors could have in a lifetime inside a classroom. The main features of the project are Video Chat, Collaborative WhiteBoard and Text Chat in the same window. It also provides a wide range of features to the instructors to design a course with minimum effort.


Features of the project:


Instructor Dashboard:

- Question Bank with Auto Evaluation
- Auto Messaging & Notifications
- Quiz Auto Submit on timer expire
- Assignments similar to HomeWork, Timer (in Days), Auto submit
- Full Course Stats
- Student Wise Stats

System Architecture

Video Chat, Collaborative WhiteBoard and Chat:

The Instructors and Students can schedule collaborative sessions.

Video Chat, Collaborative WhiteBoard


For now the system is being developed by the in-house development team of the company.