What: User Interface and User Experience
With: A team of 6 (allocated by JPMC)
Where: JP Morgan and Chase, Mumbai

Centre for Equity and Quality in Universal Education, a not for profit organization, were facing a problem with data upload from rural areas with low internet connectivity and displaying the feedback from the Subject Matter Experts to the teachers in the rural areas in an effective manner. We, at JPMC "Code for Good" developed an Android application for the teachers to compress and upload videos to the server. The video would then go into the pool until a SME accepts to review the video. The SME can put comments on the video using a web dashboard which will be trasmitted as a CSV file back to the teacher so that the teacher can view the comments at the exact time.

Time Frame: August 2017 (36 hours)
Tools & Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, ChartJS, Ajax, PHP, Micro-services, Slim, Android, Github (code-sharing), MySQL
Educators: 20,000+
Cumulative YouTube Views: 230,000+
Cumulative Minutes on YouTube: 430,000+